Mixing Metals With Wooden Range Hood in Your Kitchen

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Mixing metals with a wooden range hood can create a dynamic and visually interesting kitchen design. Here are some tips for achieving a harmonious look:

  1. Choose a Dominant Metal: Select a primary metal finish for fixtures and appliances to establish a cohesive theme.
  1. Accent Metal: Introduce a different metal as an accent through hardware, lighting fixtures, or decor items.
  1. Balance: Distribute both metal finishes throughout the kitchen to create balance.
  1. Wooden Range Hood: Allow the wooden range hood to act as a focal point by complementing it with metal trims or decorative elements.
  1. Consistency: Match the undertones of the metals with the tone of the wood for a seamless blend.
  1. Textures: Combine different textures to add depth, such as pairing a smooth metal with a grainy wood finish.

By following these guidelines, you can confidently mix metals with a wooden range hood for a chic and contemporary kitchen design.

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