► Brass/Bronze

Brass and bronze add warmth to any room. Their subtle tones of yellow and gold work well as an accent metal, particularly when patinated to a dark tone and highlighted with a light burnish to bring out the original color. Below are traditional patinas for brass and bronze. View all our brass/bronze range hoods.


► Copper

A mainstay of rustic and old-world design, copper is the natural choice for fine handcrafted metalwork. Copper is an exciting metal with an almost limitless palette of colors possible. These are our traditional patinas for copper range hoods, farmhouse sinks, and countertops. View all our copper range hoods.

► Stainless Steel

Stainless steel gets all the attention. It is a reliable metal with a robust collection of colors and finishes available—almost comparable to copper—and makes an excellent choice for range and fireplace hoods. Browse our steel range hoods and stainless steel range hoods. These selections are our most popular steel finishes.


► Wood

Solid wood is a material that can be DIY. It will make your kitchen look sunnier. We use natural pine wood, which is resistant to bending and corrosion and is durable. The surface texture of pine wood is beautiful. You can apply any coating you like and engrave any pattern you like, yes, as long as you want. View all our wood hoods.

► Textures

Metals enhanced with custom textures are one of the sure ways to set your project apart. These work well as accents to the larger piece and the entire canvas. These selections are most of the custom textures we have done on our projects. Range hoods, countertops, and fireplace hoods are the most widely used applications.

► Powdercoat

Our powder coating capabilities must be more extensive to display on this page. We can use your specific color code to match whichever color you are trying to achieve.


► Custom Finishes

These selections are just a few more distressed and non-traditional finishes in addition to the high polish/mirror finishes available in all of our metals above. We handle all the custom patinas per-project basis, with custom samples made and sent to help achieve the desired look. Let us apply a custom copper or patina to your countertops or kitchen sink.