Founded in Texas in 2012, Akicon focuses on the design and function of the product. We design all products not just gorgeously crafted but solid to last. Whether kitchen or bathroom, we are dedicated to helping to find your perfect accent.

Pairing luxury with comfort can be a challenge – especially in a kitchen. However, Akicon provides you with the right amount of design where it counts, metal where it matters, and functions where necessary; we enjoy you transforming any kitchen from a simply usable space to one that becomes a favorite hangout.

The Akicon artisans will spend days or weeks creating a one-of-a-kind work of art. Each stroke of the craftsman’s hammer yields a unique piece of art, guaranteeing no two products are identical—a benefit of the human touch. Some intricate finishes are only obtainable by specific craftsmen, and each artwork represents the deft hands of the artisan. No two pieces are identical in appearance; however, each is unified through its craftsmanship - an intrinsic value unique to Akicon.

We maintain our standard of excellence with state-of-the-art production machinery to ensure the finest quality and selection of Range Hoods and Universal Inserts for kitchen ventilation. High-quality products and supreme customer recognition are our mission.

We are also committed to preserving the environment through our production process. Our artisans handcrafted and handmade each metal or wood product, giving each one its unique style. We use natural materials to apply a unique design to the product.

Environmental responsibility is essential for us. We do our best to ensure our material and production processes are as green as possible. As a gift of nature, copper and solid wood are naturally occurring and eco-friendly materials.