Hammered Copper Products

Hammered copper products are known for their distinctive textured finish that's achieved by meticulously beating the copper by hand to create a pattern of indentations. This technique not only adds visual interest but also enhances the strength and durability of the copper. Here's a range of hammered copper products often found in the market:


    Kitchen Sinks: Perhaps the most popular hammered copper product, these sinks offer a rustic or traditional aesthetic and can serve as the centerpiece of a kitchen design.


    Bathtubs: A hammered copper bathtub can be a luxurious focal point in a bathroom, offering deep, warm tones and an inviting texture.


    Backsplashes: Hammered copper backsplashes add texture and warmth to a kitchen and pair beautifully with various countertop and cabinet styles.


    Countertops: While not as standard as other materials, hammered copper countertops create a stunning, unique look and naturally resist bacteria.


    Cookware: Hammered copper pots and pans are prized for their excellent heat conductivity and beautiful aesthetic.


    Mugs: Trendy for serving Moscow Mules, hammered copper mugs are a stylish choice for various cold beverages.


    Mirrors: A hammered copper frame around a mirror can bring a touch of elegance and rustic charm to any room.


    Lighting Fixtures: Pendant lights or chandeliers with hammered copper elements can add a warm glow and artisanal touch to your home's lighting.


    Range Hoods: Besides being functional, a hammered copper range hood can be a striking design element in a kitchen.


    Planters: Outdoor or indoor planters made of hammered copper can complement greenery with sophistication.


    Table Tops: For an eye-catching piece of furniture, a hammered copper tabletop can be used for dining tables, coffee tables, or end tables.


    Bar and Prep Sinks: Smaller than kitchen sinks, these are often used in home bars or as secondary sinks in large kitchens.


    Door and Cabinet Hardware: Hammered copper knobs and pulls can add an artisanal feel to kitchen or bathroom cabinetry.


When choosing hammered copper products, consider the overall style of your space and how the warm, textured copper will complement your design. It's also important to be aware of the maintenance requirements. At the same time, hammered copper is durable; it can change color (patina) over time, and some may wish to maintain the original sheen with regular polishing. Always inquire about the best practices for care and maintenance from the manufacturer or retailer.

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