► Crown

Our crown moldings are another nice feature that can work with almost any design. They are handcrafted, and our level of detail in the welding and finishing is second to none. We have numerous design plans in our CAD library, and now and then, we design something new to fit a "unique" situation.

► Mitered Seams

Mitered seams are the best way to add more perspective to your hood. This feature adds two more faces to your range hood and goes great with all our designs.

► Straps

Straps are similar to seam straps but can go anywhere along the hood. Although rarely used as a structural feature, straps define the hood maker. We like to show our level of detail in our work and how well the work fits. In addition, we take great pride in our rivet paths and strap layout; to our philosophy, it is where practicality and art combine.

► Rivets

Rivets are a great way to add a handcrafted aesthetic to any hood. Although a standard feature on many kitchen hoods, seam rivets work well for any design genre. We have various options for the size and material used for this selection, and the possibility of a custom-designed and machined rivet is always available.

► Pot Rail

Pot rails are a nice feature for adding symmetry and utility to your hood. This feature is available in any format and the following metals: copper and stainless steel. We have several stock designs available but have custom designed and machined our own on past projects.

► Apron Design

Apron design placement is another way to add artistic flare to your project. Patterns may be centered with a frame or without a frame, wrapped around, and full front. Our library has many design options. The possibilities are endless, and we always look for new opportunities.
          • On full front

          • In the center of the apron without a frame

          • In the center of the apron with a frame

          • Wrap-around