After placing an order with Akicon, you can expect to receive essential items and information to ensure your custom product's successful creation, delivery, and maintenance.

1. CAD Drawing Confirmation: Within 3 business days of your order, we will create CAD drawings for your product and send them to the email address you provided during the order process. These drawings will detail the specifications and design of your custom product. We require your confirmation before proceeding with production.

2. Surface Treatment Photos: After the surface treatment of your product is completed, we will take photos and send them to your email. This step is designed to ensure that the surface treatment meets your expectations. We always require your final approval before moving to the next production stage.

3. Shipping Packaging: You will receive packaging made for the safe transportation of your product. We have designed these packages to ensure your custom product arrives undamaged during shipping.

4. Shipping Tracking Number: We will provide you with a shipping tracking number for your custom product to facilitate delivery tracking. This lets you stay informed about your product's location and delivery progress.

5. Copper Wax and Cleaning Cloth: We will also provide you with a bottle of copper wax and a cleaning cloth to assist you in easily maintaining and caring for your copper product. This will ensure the product's longevity and aesthetics.

6. Lifetime Quality Assurance: Akicon offers you a lifetime quality assurance and warranty to ensure the quality of your product. We will provide repair and support if you encounter any quality issues during use.

Therefore, after placing an order with Akicon, you will receive a series of essential information and items to ensure a smooth production, delivery, and maintenance process for your custom product. We are committed to delivering high-quality custom products and an outstanding customer service experience. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact our customer service team.