Copper is an inherently active metal that readily reacts with its surroundings. Exposure to water, certain aggressive chemicals, and even oxygen can cause copper to lose its natural shine over time. Additionally, contact with human skin and the natural oils it produces can contribute to copper losing its luster. This is why copper jewelry and utensils often develop patina and discoloration relatively quickly.

The Role of Sealing

To counteract copper's natural reactivity and maintain its inherent radiance, sealing is a pivotal step in the creation of copper sinks. Sealing involves applying a protective layer over the copper surface, creating a barrier that shields the metal from external factors that can lead to tarnishing and loss of shine. This protective barrier effectively preserves the sink's original appearance and charm.

Akicon's Approach: Rust-Resistant Clear Coating

At Akicon, we are deeply committed to combining copper's innate beauty with practical durability. Our custom copper products, including sinks, undergo a meticulous sealing process. They are treated with a rust-resistant clear coating that acts as a shield, preventing the copper from interacting directly with elements that can cause tarnishing. This transparent sealant not only safeguards the copper's visual appeal but also enhances its longevity.

Essential Care Guidelines

While our copper products are sealed for protection, it's important to note that the coating can wear off over time through daily use. To ensure the continued integrity of the seal and the sink's appearance, we recommend avoiding the use of copper polishes/cleaners, abrasive materials, acidic or abrasive cleansers, or solvents like acetone. These substances can compromise the integrity of the protective seal and expose the copper to potential tarnishing.

In conclusion, the presence of a protective seal on custom copper sinks serves as a shield against copper's natural reactivity. Sealing is essential to maintain the sink's original beauty and to prevent tarnishing and discoloration caused by exposure to various elements. Akicon's commitment to excellence is evident in our use of rust-resistant clear coatings to seal our copper products, ensuring their timeless charm and durability. While our products are designed to withstand regular use, adhering to the recommended care guidelines will help extend the life and appearance of your custom copper sink.