Bathtub General FAQ

Can the bathtubs clawfeet be customized?

Unfortunately, the clawfeet of our bathtubs cannot be customized. They come in a fixed style that is not adjustable or changeable.

What design options are available for custom range hoods?

The bottom of the bathtub typically has a width approximately 6" narrower than the width at the top of the tub. The bottom of the bathtub is usually about 25 inches shorter than the length at the top of the tub.

What is the rim size of your bathtubs?

The rim size of each bathtub may vary slightly, but they typically measure around 2" in width.

Are these bathtubs suitable for outdoor use?

Indeed, these bathtubs can be used outdoors. However, it's important to note that the tub's surface may develop a patina, typically copper-green, due to exposure to weather condition

How long does it typically take to manufacture a custom bathtub?


What kind of warranty coverage is provided for custom bathtub?


How is the cost of a custom bathtub determined?


What is your policy on returns or exchanges for custom bathtub?


How do I clean and maintain a custom bathtub to keep it looking its best?


Do you provide on-site installation services?



The timeline may vary based on the complexity of the customization, usually 7-9 weeks.

Copper naturally develops a patina over time, but regular cleaning and maintenance will help preserve its beauty. We'll provide you with care instructions.

While we do not directly offer installation services, we can provide guidance and recommendations to ensure proper installation by professionals.

Sure! You will need to provide a sketch of your design and we will make it for you according to the sketch.

Absolutely, we provide a variety of sink shapes and sizes to suit your layout and preferences.

You can email your query to and we will answer it within 1 business day.