How many styles of kitchen range hoods

There are several types of kitchen range hoods, each suited to different kitchen layouts and cooking styles:

  1. Under-Cabinet Hoods: These mount beneath the bottom of a wall cabinet.
  1. Wall-Mount Hoods: Mounted against the wall, often styled like a chimney with a decorative flue.
  1. Island Hoods: These hang above a cooktop located in a kitchen island.
  1. Downdraft Hoods: These are integrated into the countertop and pull smoke and steam downward.
  1. Insert Hoods: Also known as liner hoods, these are installed inside a custom hood enclosure.
  1. Pro-Style Hoods: These resemble the heavy-duty hoods found in restaurant kitchens and are designed for high-performance cooking.
  1. Microwave Hoods: Combination units that include a microwave oven and a small range hood.

Each has its own set of features and is designed for specific kitchen configurations and ventilation needs.

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