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Choosing bathroom accessories with an emphasis on safety is crucial, especially in households with young children, elderly family members, or individuals with mobility issues. Here's how to select bathroom accessories that enhance safety without compromising on style:

1. Non-Slip Mats and Rugs

  • Essential for Wet Areas: Place non-slip mats or rugs in areas prone to wetness, like near the bathtub, shower, and sink.
  • Secure and Absorbent: Ensure they have a good grip on the bottom and are made of quick-drying, absorbent material to reduce slipping hazards.

2. Grab Bars

  • Not Just for Hospitals: Modern grab bars come in a variety of styles and finishes that can match your bathroom decor.
  • Strategic Placement: Install grab bars in the shower, near the bathtub, and beside the toilet. They should be securely anchored to wall studs.

3. Shower Seats

  • For Comfort and Safety: A shower seat is useful for those who find it challenging to stand for long periods. Opt for a built-in seat or a sturdy, non-slip freestanding chair.

4. Lever Faucets

  • Ease of Use: Lever faucets are easier to use than knobs, especially for people with limited hand strength or dexterity.
  • Thermostatic Controls: Consider faucets with thermostatic controls to prevent scalding.

5. Anti-Scald Devices

  • Temperature Regulation: These devices prevent water from reaching dangerously high temperatures.

6. Walk-In Tubs and Curbless Showers

  • Ease of Access: Walk-in tubs and curbless showers minimize the risk of tripping and falling.
  • Barrier-Free Design: Ideal for wheelchair users or those with mobility issues.

7. Well-Placed Lighting

  • Bright and Even Lighting: Ensure the bathroom is well-lit to prevent accidents. Consider LED lights for energy efficiency.
  • Night Lights: Install night lights for safety during nocturnal bathroom visits.

8. Toilet Safety Rails

  • Assistive Devices: Toilet safety rails or frames can help individuals who have difficulty sitting down or standing up from the toilet.

9. Textured Flooring

  • Slip-Resistant Tiles: Choose floor tiles that are textured or have a slip-resistant coating.
  • Avoid Glossy Finishes: Glossy surfaces can be slippery when wet.

10. Cabinet and Drawer Locks

  • Child Safety: If you have young children, install locks on cabinets and drawers that contain hazardous substances or sharp objects.

11. Accessible Design

  • Universal Design Principles: Consider features that make the bathroom accessible to everyone, regardless of age or ability.

12. Emergency Response

  • Consider an Emergency Pull Cord: Especially important in households with elderly individuals.


Incorporating safety into your bathroom doesn’t mean sacrificing style. Many manufacturers offer bathroom accessories that are both safe and aesthetically pleasing. By prioritizing safety in your accessory choices, you can create a bathroom that is accessible, comfortable, and stylish for all family members.

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